Throughout the country, Photo Booths have exploded in popularity, and for good reason; they provide so much fun for you and your guests! Each Photo Booth session provides pictures in a variety of formats that you can choose from before the event.

The process is very simple. Guests are invited to enter our automated Photo Booth, which takes up to 4 pictures per session. Once finished, the photo booth prints the photos in about 15 seconds. The end result is a contemporary, fun and memorable collection of priceless pictures. From start to finish the process is extremely entertaining and takes less than a minute!

The Photobooth measures approx 2m tall x 2.8m long x 1.2m deep and requires an ideal working space of 2m x 3m with one 13amp power socket.

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Heres how it works.

1 Enter the Photo Booth and press the red button!
Our Photo Booth has a user-friendly screen which allows you to interatct with the booth and see yourself as you pose.

2. Strike your pose!
Be yourself and have fun our Photo Booths take four pictures while prompting you to strike a pose for each one. Behind the closed curtain have fun and express yourself.

3. Get Your Pictures!
When you exit the Photo Booth the pictures will be printing. The photos will print on quality photo paper about 15 seconds later. This will create long lasting memories you can treasure forever!

4. After party!
After the party everyone can go online and check out your own customised Photo Booth Photo Gallery! Share the fun with your friends and guests around the world.